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Infrastructure & Virtualization 

Infrastructure Computing, consisting of Tower, Rack, Blades, Hyper-Converged & Shared Infrastructure Platform builds up the Future-Ready IT Environment meeting client's requirements for new application, or performing a tech refresh of their existing environment to adopt a more agile and achieve efficiency within their data centre.

With the fast adoption of Virtualisation Technology in most environments, the technology has matured greatly in most enterprise environment. The extension of Software Defined Data Centre where concepts such as abstraction, pooling and automation to all of the resources and services achieving IT as a Service (ITaas) is one of our key solution offering to our clients.

Enterprise Storage 

The first step to “Modernizing your IT Infrastructure” is the heart within every client’s environment which we often relates to as Enterprise Storage, storing the most critical information of their businesses.  With today's revolution of Storage Platform, Flash Storage provides consistent, predictable and low latency performance across your infrastructure.  

Scale-Out Storage has also been a key consideration providing a low cost of entry and a single scale-out system that is elastic, allowing you to manage massive capacities and changes with very few resources.

As a Trusted Advisor, our working relationship with the clients bring us to the next level of discussion on how to go about embracing the Modern IT Infrastructure.

Data Protection


Delivering Data Protection Strategy against data loss and corruption covers the complete continuum of Data Protection as we provide Data Availability, Replication, Snapshots, Backup & Archive Solutions to meet any service level, any time.

Our key value proposition is to protect your data wherever it lives, against whatever might happen across your premises, virtual, hybrid and public cloud environment for as long as it lives.

Business Continuity

From Backup, Storage & Hypervisor Based Replication Capabilities, we provide a complete solution to our clients for Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Environments providing the ease of mind that your data is protected at your Disaster Recovery Site.

Embarking Technology using Continuous and Block Level Replication to ensure Recovery Point Objectives of seconds and Recovery Time Objective in minutes reducing downtime, bringing up Service Level Agreement for our clients.

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